Who We Are

Impact Catalysts is a partner to social enterprises and philanthropies. We’re here to help people who have dedicated their lives to social impact develop the systems, tools, and processes that catalyze impact. We spun off from Root Cause’s consulting practice in October 2016 to focus on the organizational health of social enterprises.

Who We Serve

We work collaboratively with leaders and stakeholders of nonprofits and foundations. We’re issue agnostic—we believe that there is no single social issue that improves communities. There are many levers for change, and they all matter to us.

How We Work

We start every consulting relationship with an exploration of the challenges the client faces. Sometimes the client has a clear idea of what they need—a business plan, a performance measurement framework, a sustainability strategy—and sometimes we use the inquiry phase to determine what sort of process is needed. Either way, there is no cookie cutter approach. Each client engagement builds on our previous work but is uniquely adapted to the client’s circumstances.

The following are some ways we’ve partnered with our clients:

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