Current Work

Our active client engagements span a range of issue areas and disciplines, reflecting our interest in working with direct service organizations, intermediaries and philanthropies focused on building better communities for all.


AGM is a membership association of philanthropic organizations and individuals with interests in Massachusetts and New England. As a voice and advocate for effective philanthropy, AGM enables donors to create extraordinary value for each other, their grantees and to collectively shape the future of a healthy and vital region. We are working with AGM to develop a new strategic plan for rollout in 2018.


Bridges Together (BT) empowers communities to implement successful and meaningful intergenerational programs that unite older adults and youth. BT offers award-winning curricula, as well as professional development services for leaders in schools, senior centers, aging services, and other community organizations that are implementing intergenerational programs. We are working with BT to develop a financial sustainability plan and membership model.



Food For Free began in 1981 in Cambridge, Mass. as volunteer-driven, community-based effort to address a need—too many people struggling to put food on their tables—and an opportunity—the potential of saving food going to waste. Food For Free’s Food Rescue Program serves a diverse group of more than 100 partners. The organization has added an array of initiatives to complement food rescue, including a home delivery program, a transportation partnership with local food pantries, and programs for schools and families. We are working with Food For Free on a new strategic plan to guide them in consolidating their growth and identifying how food security and antipoverty efforts can be most effective.


Horizons National provides low-income families with a rich educational summer program to mitigate learning loss that occurs over summer months. Horizons is a national network with 53 affiliate sites in more than 15 states, and each year Horizons adds new affiliate sites with a local executive director and board. We are working with Horizons National to develop a framework for assessing affiliate performance that will guide the national organization in deploying resources to build affiliate performance and capacity.


Maine Quality Counts (QC) was founded in 2003  to catalyze better health for Mainers. QC brings together people who give care, get care, and pay for care to improve health and health care quality throughout Maine. Impact Catalysts is working with QC to develop a new strategy to build the quality of primary care for vulnerable populations in light of changes in the policy environment at the state and Federal levels.


National Immigration Forum advocates for the value of immigrants and immigration to our nation. In service to this mission, the Forum promotes responsible federal immigration policies, addressing today’s economic and national security needs while honoring the ideals of our Founding Fathers, who created America as a land of opportunity. For 30 years, the Forum has worked to advance sound federal immigration solutions through its policy expertise, communications outreach and coalition building work, which forges powerful alliances of diverse constituencies across the country to build consensus on the important role of immigrants in America. Impact Catalysts worked with the Forum to develop a business plan to scale an initiative called Skills & Opportunities for a New American Workforce (SONAW). SONAW delivers contextualized English language instruction to frontline workers in partnership with businesses. In its pilot phase, SONAW has partnered with Kroger, Publix and Whole Foods. We are currently working with the Forum to develop an implementation plan for a foundation grant to support expansion.


Focused on all things local, the New England Grassroots Environment Fund is the only organization of its kind dedicated to inspiring, connecting, and supporting community-based environmental projects throughout New England. Grassroots Fund’s niche is to help those on-the-ground, everyday people for whom grassroots work is a passion and whose volunteer time is a priceless contribution to the common good.  The organization employs three forms of capital—financial, social, and intellectual— to find creative and innovative paths to a sustainable future. We are working with the Grassroots Fund to develop a framework for assessing its grantmaking and capacity building programs and using the framework to refine its approach over time.


For over 30 years, Student Sponsor Partners‘ (SSP) uniquely integrated program has provided over 7,000 NYC low-income students with a quality private high school education. All SSP students are paired with sponsors, who provide financial support, and mentors, who offer one-to-one mentoring, thus making a meaningful impact on their lives. We are working with SSP to develop and implement a diversified financial sustainability strategy. We have also conducted assessments of SSP’s mentor program and Catholic schools partnership to identify growth opportunities.